Oven baked paprika potatoes


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Product Description

Buffet Three Package- Mexican Menu

Priced per Person- Selection of one item per course
Note:One main meal image is displayed for demonstration purposes. Please go to our Gallery to see the images of each item under each course. A menu will be provided for free on request.

Spicy bean and tomato chowder with paprika dumplings,
Selection of breads and nachos with various pate’s and dips,
Chick pea and penne Salad,
Spicy chicken wings with coriander dressing,
Baked pepper rellenos

Main Course:
Acapulco chicken,
Chilli concarne. With a selection of wraps,
Crispy line-fish with coriander and coconut,
Oven baked paprika potatoes,
Chilli and ginger butternut,
Fried rice

Caramel crepes with coffee ice-cream,
Chocolate and chili doughnuts,
Mixed berry jelly rolls,
Fresh fruit platter with home- made ice cream